I'm Daniel Prisăcariu

I'm a software engineer.

I'm a front-end developer.


based in Suceava, România.

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I'm Daniel Prisăcariu, a Web Developer

I've begun my journey in the tech world in 5th grade when I wanted, together with my friends, to open a private server for a game called "Metin2". To allow other players to join, a website was required for registering new accounts. That was how I discovered PHP, Mysql, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and more.

Fast-forward to today, I've developed skills and gained quite a bit of knowledge in building applications, starting from the infrastructure and up to the user interface.



My Education

2017 - 2021

Computer Science

Universitatea „Ștefan cel Mare” Suceava

I did not learn new things related to web front-end development in all 4 study years. Funny enough, I landed my first and only internship in the second year, and that summer, I returned for a front-end job.

Meanwhile, I've begun to like C#. It was used to write most examples in classes, and it was used at the same time at work. In time, I ended up as a back-end developer.

2013 - 2017

Technician in economic activities

Colegiul Economic „Dimitrie Cantemir” Suceava

I did not attend a computer-oriented high school because of the appreciable difficulty and knowing I wouldn't learn much about computers. Time has proven that I was right.

I've begun to study web-related stuff in my free time. I knew about HTML, CSS, and Javascript, but just on the surface. I decided to learn and understand how all that stuff works.

By the time I was in my third year, I'd built a working forum. For the back end, I was using PHP, MySql for data persistence, and a customized Bootstrap (version 2.x, I believe) for the UI. I was very proud of myself at the time.

My Experience

2019 - 2024

Software developer

Ecom Digital

I've begun as a front-end developer, but I transitioned to back-end due to demand and, apparently, because I'm a quick learner. I've worked with the nopCommerce platform for quite some time, developing new functionalities like gift systems, product service & warranties, integrations with other applications & a lot more.

I've also begun my journey in enterprise applications architecture and architecture stuff in general. I got to experiment and learn about microservices & domain-driven design. It was also fun learning what other things the .NET ecosystem has to offer, like Blazor & Blazor Hybrid, and how to implement MVVM in these kinds of applications.

2019 - 2019

Jr. front-end developer internship

Ecom Digital

This was my first official dev job. I did alright, considering I only used the knowledge and experience gained from my side projects.

At the end of the internship, everyone agreed that I could return for a proper job.

My Skills

Web Design 65%


JavaScript 80%


nopCommerce 99%

ABP.IO 60%


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